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Australia is one of the highest consuming industries for Botox injections, Microblading eyebrows, make up and lots lots more.

The beauty industry has always been at the forefront of eCommerce innovation and reinvention, and this year has been no exception. From clean beauty to hyper-personalized skincare and AI cosmetics solutions, beauty retailers are always looking to enhance their customer experience.

With all that’s going on, we decided to deep dive into this ever-changing world and provide you with our top beauty eCommerce trends that will continue to push the beauty industry forward in 2021.

With a raging global pandemic, a contentious presidential election, and an unexpected economic crash, 2020 changed nearly every facet of our lives, and not even our beauty routines were immune to its effects. As salons and spas closed, we were forced to add “hairstylist,” “esthetician,” “dermatologist,” and “manicurist” to our job descriptions overnight, even as the stress of the year wreaked havoc on our skin and hair. Of course, it wasn’t all bad, and with in-person work and socializing taking a backseat, so too did makeup, giving many the chance to re-examine their beauty habits and try something new. As we head into 2021, many of the trends we saw emerge last year appear here to stay, and still others remain on the horizon, especially as the world hopefully returns to some glimmer of pre-pandemic normalcy. Beauty experts believe that 2021 will be unlike any other for the industry, and seven of them are here to tell us exactly what they predict will be the biggest trends of the new year.


Australian Beauty Market 2021

As the hair and beauty industry continues to grow in Australia, I have decided to take a closer look at this emerging market.

In this article, I’ve prepared a brief report on the Australian cosmetic market: statisticsmarket analysis, and forecasts.

But before that, let’s look at the beauty industry in general:

Is the beauty industry growing?

Beauty is a quick-paced and highly competitive industry that’s changing very fast.

In 2020-2021, two major environmental factors impacted the beauty market: ‘Covid-19‘ and ‘Sustainability‘.

Covid-19 surged the use of sanitizers and self-care, while sustainability increased consumer’s demand for natural cosmetics such as organic makeup, vegan lipsticks, and cruelty-free sunscreens.

Nevertheless, the global beauty industry continued to grow, valued at $500 Billion (USD) in 2020.

Moreover, this number is predicted to be $716.6 Billion by 2025 according to ‘Grand View Research’.

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